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Groups that have to do or not have to do with anti-bad music.

This will be divided into categories:

-Other anti-pop music groups

-Other Anti-Gaga groups

-General Anti-Pop Culture groups

-Comic Books and Superheroes/Misc.
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It has finally happened....

....Lady Gaga is becoming stale and old.  

Hard to believe that it was about 5 years ago that Gaga appeared to poison our radios, MP3 players, and what not with her generic technocrap she spewed.  Then 2 years later, she goes all preachy with Born This Way.   Not only she steals ideas from other artists, but she also milks the plights of gay teenage suicides for her own gain, and to shrill her Born This Way Foundation by milking said tragic events for her gain.   Plus, her fan base of sheep, I mean, Little Monsters began to act all defensive to protect their puppet master, I mean, Mother Monster like lemmings that fall down a cliff.    Not only she does that, but she also increased the weird outfits, freakish costumes, and bizarre stunts to gain attention.   Then, we fast forward to 2013, there have been new acts new fads, and new trends, but can GooGoo GaGa use the same "magic" she wielded during her debut?

It FADED.   Despite selling 258,000 copies, sales of Artpop fell short of expectations.   The sales were so dismal, retailers had to discount the album, both in store, and online!   Plus the troubles didn't just stem from the sales alone, Gaga had to cancel her Born This Way Ball tour due to a leg injury, even before that, her South American leg in her tour got cancelled due to low sales and the gull to recycle a set from a Madonna concert!   The wacky stunts and freako costumes even continued to be stale and lame.   What's even worse, a Christmas special featuring the Muppets bombed on Thanksgiving!   Even more shocking, Gaga was overshadowed by Miley Cyrus' equally sickening twerking performance at the 2013 VMAs!   And to make things bad to worse for Gaga, SHE WAS NOT EVEN NOMINATED FOR ANY GRAMMY AWARDS!

So much for 2013 being the year of Gaga.   Because of the failure of Artflop, Innerscope Records had to LAY OFF some of their employees before Christmas, and the label lost $25 million!  And of course, her minions, I mean, Little Monsters defend their fading idol, and Gaga blames everyone but herself, shifting the blame to her management and so on.   Plus, her fanbase has gotten out of control, when Wendy Williams criticized Gaga over her album, hardcore fans went ape**** on Twitter:…   (This article confirms the Gaga fans going ape****, and this article is even coming from a gay website, the same beings that Gaga loves to cuddle and make money off/milk their plights from)

Gaga and her sheeple need to face reality-her 15 minutes are up, and she is OVER.  Even Taylor Swift and other artists who don't rely on crazy stunts and freak costumes are beating her!

BTW, I welcome Violent-Rainbow  to Co-Founder.  She may not have an opinion on Gaga, but she will help out on the group.  The offer to help out still stands though.

I am sorry for being absent for a long time, real life, conventions, school, laziness, and other things got in the way of running things.

As of late, this group is inactive due to the said reasons I mentioned, and I cannot handle this group alone.  I still need hired help to combat the recent wave of Gaga Sheep that spams this group.  Plus, I get sidetracked by drawing, laziness, and attending conventions (I will be going to Space City Con in Galveston later in the week.) while not on DA.

Point in the matter is-I need help with promoting this group, submitting works, and blocking crazed fanatics who worship at the Church of Gaga from bashing the haters (in which GooGooGaGa never monitors, her fans do not practice what she preaches.)

If you have room to co-admin or be a co-founder of another group (meaning if your ability to be an admin or a co-founder isn't full due to the 10-group running limit), you are welcome to help out.  I need the assistance badly.

Thank you.
God works in mysterious ways, well, to those of us who do believe in God (including myself)...

...GoogooGaga has CANCELLED the rest of her tour due to injury or low sales, or both.…

Maybe gaining all that massive weight broke her leg.
...Is A Failure to Communicate apparently.  Well, the failure to communicate quote is directed to GooGoo GaGa fans who can't read the rules.

A retarded sheep who not only listens to Googoo Gaga, but also listens to Blood on The Dance Floor (with a lead singer who is a well-known pedophile) has been spamming this group.  She is acting all butthurt recently.   This means, she did not read the rules.   Therefore, I am seeking extra help, as I cannot maintain the group 24/7 due to real life, college work, drawing stuff, and getting ready for the upcoming convention season (as I plan to go to three conventions this year.)  

Anyone want to help me?

Also, not typing the sheep's name due to the fact the sheep is already exposing her name.…

Her South American tour is going lower and lower and lower.

(Translate to English if you cannot read Portugese)
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Ok... I think it's time to lay down some ground rules, Little Monster Slayers!

1- Please avoid any extreme/ unnecessary profanity and refrain from using gay/ racial or any demeaning slurs, (we know that not all gay people love him/her/it.)

2- Stamps, written work, and drawings, both digital and hand-drawn, are welcome here, but must belong to you!

3- Feel free to post a blog!

4- If you have an affiliate idea related to anti-Gaga or any of the other categories, post it in the comments and I'll try to affiliate.


Anyone who tries to flame, troll or heckle the group will be dealt with. Fans of Gaga who try to join this, will be denied.

6- Have fun!

Journal Writers


So yeah, no totally cussing her (or him or it) out 'cause that's just really mean. However, you can make funny pics, write interesting stuff or other random things such as: stamps, flair and stuff that makes fun of her songs.

Also, you can blog too if you want. Like i said though, NO cussing or swearing 'cause I don't want to get kicked, and I don't want the group to be deleted.

I doubt you wanna get kicked as well, so let's kind of friendly here. OH... AND BE NICE TO ONE ANOTHER, PLEASE!

"I :iconi-am-the-error: was and still am the original founder of this group. However, it will say :iconurvy1a: is, he is not the original founder but, he is the current owner. I would appreciate if you would respect him like the owner of the group. It now belongs to him"








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Violent-Rainbow Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hey :iconurvy1a:! ^-^ I'd join but I feel like I wouldn't be considered the best member or admin, I don't like her or dislike her. So long as you're okay with me having no opinion on Lady Gaga, then I can definitely accept your invite.
Urvy1A Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok then!
Violent-Rainbow Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
would you like me to accept or no? :)
Urvy1A Dec 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(1 Reply)

My car had a good working factory installed car radio up until Lady Gaga hit the airwaves here; it was not long after that the radio's oscillator stopped working and the radio refused to lock on to any station. I suspect that the radio called it quits after demodulating Lady Gaga's noise from the FM signal.


The radio was so traumatized by the sound of Gaga that both the AM tuner and cassette drive called it quits too.


Urvy1A Sep 28, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Trust me, its very much a true story.
Why do you hate gaga? Hating is always wrong. Thats what she taught her fans all the time.
I dont know why do you hate her fans, because a true littlemonster accept everyone and hate no one. For example me, i dont really like ponies, but i still dont make a hate group for it. I dont want either slay you.
Violent-Rainbow Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I realize this is an old comment but from a personal perspective, I actually don't hate her, I'm in this group because A. my friend runs it and B. I don't hate her but don't like her either.

To answer your question, anyways. 
People make hate groups because they feel the need to express it through their artwork. There are other ways to express displeasure for things or people, some of which are more constructive and some not so much. Art is an example of a more constructive way of handling hate/dislike/etc while going to a fan club and harassing the shit out of people who like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, etc. is a destructive way. Art can be ignored, while picking a fight just asks for trouble. 

I personally dislike Gaga's music, it's really not my style. Some haters/non-fans make groups to make connections with other people who dislike what they dislike, and along side, they may have things they like in common with those same people.

Some disagree and don't like the groups which is why we don't go to fan clubs and bash them, and we notice there are people decide to come to our group and bash us for not liking whoever the group is about. Not saying you are doing this, you're really not. But those people are definitely out there and we try to steer clear of them. I hope this answers your question.

-Ella {admin}
Because Lady Gaga ripped off Grace Jones' 007 character May Day.
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